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Why is the cost different for those students under 21?


The course is required by the State of California for those under 21 wishing to obtain a motorcycle license or a motorcycle permit.

Therefore, the California Highway Patrol requires a discounted fee for this age group.

Pricing is dictated by the CMSP contract and not decided by Street Skills.


Are there any age or height requirements?


Students must be at least 15 1/2 years old and have a form of DMV identification. (Identification Card, Drivers License, Drivers Permit.)


There is not a minimum height requirement, however, you must be able to touch the ground with both feet while straddling the motorcycle. We do have motorcycles with low slung seats available for use.


What do I need for the classroom?


If you are under 18 a parent or guardian must accompany you to the classroom session in order to sign the waiver form. You may obtain the waiver in advance and have the signature notarized if that is more convenient. After you have enrolled you can go to Woodland Adult Education office and pick up the form.


All students must be 15 1/2 or older and have valid DMV identification. (Drivers license, identification card or drivers permit.)


What do I need to ride the motorcycle?


The following items are required for the range portion of the training:

DOT approved 3/4 coverage or full face helmet

~ We have a selection of helmets for student use during range session if needed.

Shatter-resistant eye protection.

Sturdy footwear that covers the ankle. 

Full fingered street motorcyle gloves or leather gloves.

Long sleeved shirt or jacket.

Long non-flared durable pants without rips or holes.

All clothing should be made of a sturdy, durable material for your safety and protection.


A motorcycle riding permit is not required to take the course. 


We do not cancel for rain. It is recommended that you bring rain gear if it is raining on the day of range.


Are motorcycles provided?
What size motorcycles do you have?


Motorcycles are provided for the course. Our motorcycles are from a variety of manufacturers and vary in size and style. They are all 125cc and 250cc. Rather than a 'one size fits all' training bike we match our students to the bike that is best suited to their size and ability. 

If you would like a scooter please let us know when you enroll.


Can I use my own motorcycle?


Most students prefer to the motorcycles we provide but you can use your own motorcycle if it is less than 350 cc's and in safe riding condition. If you decide to use your own motorcycle you will have to provide proof of current registration and proof of insurance to the instuctor. 


How do I get my license after completing the course?


We are a sub-contracted by the state of California to provide this training and are recognized by the DMV. Once you have completed the course you will be mailed a DL389 document. When presented to the DMV the DL389 will waive the riding portion of your motorcycle test only. You will still need to pass the written portion of the DMV test.


Will I get a discount on my insurance for taking the course?


Most insurances companies offer a discount of 5% to 10% for completing the course.

Check with your insurance company for specifics.


Some motorcycle dealers and shops give discounts for completing the course.


Is a motorcycle permit required to take the course. 

No. All students must be 15 1/2 or older and have valid DMV identification. (Drivers license, identification card or drivers permit.)


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